Sh!t Just Got Real Up in Here

Seriously, no-one tells you how much sh!t is involved in motherhood.  From the moment children are born we are dealing with their little rear-end’s.  Thermometer’s up their bottoms to check their temperature, ointments and powder to keep their little bum’s in good condition.  Then, we actually celebrate when they start having “real” poops instead of that neon yellow, grainy stuff.  What the heck happens to our brains when we become parents that we would celebrate real poop as a milestone…


How about singing about pooping in the toilet during potty training.  Or better yet, reading them books and watching cartoons, yes actual animated shows about sh!t…stuff dreams are made of here momma’s.  Then, it happens – they poop in the potty and we feel the need tell everyone we know, brag about it even, we feel so accomplished.  We go from toasting our girlfriends to fun and freedom in our 20’s, to celebrating our kid using the dang toilet…so rad

But, sh!t got really-real in our house today!  Our Pediatrician inspected my child’s bottom and then handed me a plastic, hat looking object, to collect and test poop with.  Uh, excuse me?  Say what?  You want me to sit in the bathroom and catch my child’s sh!t and better yet, you want me to then use these sticks to take samples out of it and then transport and deliver their sh!t to your office?   Oh…hell…no….are you sh!tting me?


Ya, motherhood is not for the faint of heart girlfriends!  It’s for the warrior Queen’s, the thick skinned, gentle hearted, survival focused, brave hearted, amazing women that deal with a sh!t ton of sh!t, to raise incredible, future world-changer’s!  Ya, hold my calls – I’m putting on a mask and collecting some sh!t today…changing the world, one butt at a time!

You’re welcome.



2 thoughts on “Sh!t Just Got Real Up in Here

  1. Thank you for being so hinest and writing in a way all of us Mom’s can relate. Seriously have been here and your telling if this made me laugh out loud!

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