To The Bird Feeder’s

My desk sits at a window overlooking our front yard and a beautiful old Maple tree. I’ve hung a large bird feeder in the tree and I often find myself staring out the window, mesmerized by the different birds coming and going.  Some fly in quick to snatch food and fly away, while others linger in the tree for long periods of time.  The silliest ones of course, are the Quail – I’ve never quite understood them, they have the ability to fly yet the scurry around on the ground and eat from the fallen seeds of other birds.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been a Quail a time or two in my life 😉

Today as I watched the birds, I was reminded again of God’s love for them and how he uses them as an example to encourage us in times of worry.



I’ve clung to this verse many times in my life.  Through great trials, I would calm myself by remembering that God loved me, even more than the birds and he would provide for us.  I would visualize the birds flying from tree to tree, seemingly carefree, always full and at peace.  Sometimes, I even dreamed of being an eagle, wings stretched wide, soaring freely, far above all my pain and suffering.

Today God reminded me about the bird feeder’s of the world and how he uses other’s to care for us in times of need.  You know, those angels that show up in our darkest hours and provide nourishment for our souls, they give us wind beneath our wings to fly again.    I’ll never forget coming home one day to find bags of clothing and a check in our door.  We had just received custody of three children and they came with only the clothes on their back and a lot of fear and confusion.  Our family felt overwhelmed and unsure of how we would provide for the family of seven we now had.  That generous gift from a friend has been a constant reminder in my life, that God will always exceed our expectations and provide for us in unexpected ways.

To all the bird feeder’s in the world, thank you for allowing God to use you to bless his people.  To my sweet Quail friends, it’s okay to sit in the grass and rest for a while, may you find nourishment eating the fallen seeds, God is providing for you.  I believe God will bring restoration and wind beneath your wings, to soar like an eagle again.




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