Hanging Bunkbeds by my Handy Daddy

One thing is for certain, my kiddos have a very Handy Daddy!

Whatever I dream up, or find on Pinterest, my husband can create, and make it even better than my dreams.  We were blessed to add our niece and two nephews to our family several years ago, but that meant we needed a bigger home, and that kiddos would be sharing rooms!

In an attempt to save space, I showed my husband some ideas I found on Pinterest to hang bunkbeds from the ceiling.  He pondered for a while and said he would do it, but his way 😉  Being a plumber by trade, he came up with a fantastic industrial looking bed!  Best part, it is unique and sturdy!

He’s amazing 😉

Hanging Bunkbed

Hanging Bunkbed

Custom Hanging Bunkbed

Custom Hanging Bunkbed

Downside, I do not have plans to share with all of you.  But, I can give you a summary and I’m sure you or your Handy Daddy can make it 😉

The base is made out of unistrut, with 2 x 4 wood planks screwed into it.  My Handy Daddy screwed 3/8″ All Thread into the Unistrut attaching it with.  The All Thread goes through the ceiling and is bolted to more Unistrut, that is laying perpendicular over the rafters.  There is also Unistut screwed into the studs in the wall for additional support.

The top bunk is twin size and the bottom bunk is actually a full size platform bed, made with Unistrut and 2×4 wood planks.  My Handy Daddy even made a custom ladder for the boys!  Such a fun room for our boys, I hope it inspires you to DIY something special for your own home.  There is such an adventure to be had in building your own furniture with your children.  Enjoy 🙂

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