Loving the ReMoved Child, the reality of Adoption, Fostering, and Guardianships.

I wept watching this video that Relevant Magazine posted last week called, ReMoved (link attached).  I realized that so many of us have a false view of what loving a child from a broken and painful place is really like. So, I’m writing this for … Continue reading

Mary Moments in my Martha World

If you’ve attended Women’s Bible studies or been in the Church scene for any amount of time, then you are most likely familiar with the story of Martha and Mary.  It’s found in Chapter 10 of the book of  Luke, and it tells of Jesus visiting the home of Martha.  Martha begins to busy herself, cooking and cleaning to serve Jesus and His disciples, while Mary sits at the feet of Jesus and takes in every moment with Him.  Martha becomes frustrated that her sister is not helping with all the work and Jesus tells her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Made in the Image of God

I have heard that echo of “Martha, Martha” in my head so many times.  Combined with the guilt ridden comments of well-meaning Christian women, that take Jesus’ words to an extreme, putting their heaviness over our souls that we need to be a Mary and never have a busy life.  I can assure you one thing; God loved Martha, He created her in His image, and Jesus himself came to her home!  Ok, let’s keep it real for a second…Jesus came to her home!! I’m pretty sure I would be freaking out, running around trying to pick things up and create a 5 Star worthy meal for my Savior.  I mean seriously ladies, of all people to walk through our doors!  If Jesus came to my home, I would want it to be perfect, and meet His every need.  But, the truth is, Jesus is the only perfect one, and I would have missed the most important moment of my life; sitting at His feet and letting Him meet my needs instead.  The beauty of grace itself.

Oh, to be Mary and savor the moment she had in the presence of our Lord, beautiful peace must have washed over her.  I can hardly imagine, and I don’t want to miss those Grace moments in my life.  Here is the freedom in this familiar Bible Story sweet momma, it’s about moments in our lives.  Jesus does not want you to be perfect, your home to be perfect, or most certainly for your children to be perfect!  He wants you, just as you are, to sit at His feet, and hear His voice, feel his peace, and know His passionate love for you.  Nothing more, dear friend.

You are Enough

The truth is, Martha had a home, and one that Jesus came to visit.  Stop right there!  A home takes money, work, food, laundry, the list goes on!  Martha kept a home, and I’m sure she was busy doing it, have you read Proverbs 31?  You know, that Proverbs woman that sets this standard for  all women in the Bible?  Girlfriend was so busy!! Busy, to the point that some of us Christians think she is our example, not dear little Mary.  We think we should be the woman that does it all, like our darling Proverbs 31 example!

Tiny Football Hands

Life is about balance, not guilt ridden extremes!  I’ve already introduced myself as a plate full, always on the go, busy, Mom of Adventure and Grace, and I’m thankful to be just that.  But, in my busy life as a wife and a mom of many, I’m sensitive to the important moments in my life.  Moments of stillness at the feet of Jesus, reading the Bible and praying, praying with my husband, cooking a little slower because the little hands of my children want to help me, stopping my chores because my adorable five year old wants me to through the football with him, spending an entire day in my pj’s and giving our kids freedom to do whatever they desire.  Oh, precious moments with my children, hugs and kisses, encouragement to their broken hearts, laughter at their silliness, walks to the park, moments where I’m present, not distracted, just like sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Little Hands in the Kitchen

Beautiful things happen in the stillness of our Grace moments dear friends.  Don’t let guilt sneak in through extreme teachings of Mary vs Proverbs 31 Woman, it will rob you of the gifts found in our Mary moments, right in the middle of  our busy Martha kinda days.  Savor them, and bask in the grace of Jesus, he loves you just as you are, there is no need to impress Him with living in the extreme, my love.